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Cinematic Wedding Videographer in Essex

My name is Oli. I’m a cinematic wedding videographer in Essex. Having a career that I am so passionate about is such an amazing feeling. I absolutely love capturing weddings and it is something that I hope to be doing for a very long time.

I’m extremely hard working and won’t go home until I know I have everything that I need to create an everlasting record of your special day.

I’m incredibly laid back but don’t seem to be capable of just sitting down and doing nothing. I became a freelance videographer in 2013 and began filming weddings in 2017. Funnily enough, I’ve attended close to 100 wedding as a videographer, but only 2 as an actual guest.

Being a part of someone’s special day is such an honour and privilege. I take great pride in the work that I do and want my clients to have the best possible memories of their wedding day.

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Wedding Videographer in Essex

What makes me different to any other wedding videographer in Essex & Suffolk?

I’m a wedding videographer in Essex and Suffolk, and like the others in the industry and area, I want couples to choose me when it comes to hiring someone to capture their day. But what separates me from any other wedding videographer in Essex and Suffolk?

My approach to filmmaking is slightly different to a lot of other wedding videographers. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to experiment and make the most of my equipment. I use a combination of on-the-spot ideas, as well as tried and trusted techniques used by the greatest in the industry. Making sure that all of the important parts of the day are covered in a presentable and stylish fashion is the priority, leaving the experimentation to the more creative parts of the video shoot. Whether it’s finding a beautiful reflection, a satisfying symmetry shot, or both of them in one, I’m always on the look out for the best possible angle.

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Cinematic Wedding Videography in Essex