Essex Wedding Videographer

Non-intrustive Wedding Videographer in Essex

Discover the magic of an Essex wedding videographer who specialises in capturing the heart and soul of your love story throughout the UK. Embarking on the journey of a lifetime with your perfect partner is truly special, and your Essex wedding deserves to be immortalised through a breathtaking videography that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come.

Nothing posed.

No cheesy smiles.

Just pure, uninterrupted emotion.

What sets me apart from other Essex wedding videographers is my commitment to being non-intrusive. As someone who thoroughly enjoys being behind a camera, I understand the importance of blending in at a wedding and not being noticed.

Cinematic Wedding Videographer in Essex

Specialising in documentary-style, Essex wedding videography, I have filmed weddings all over the UK and have worked at some of the biggest and best wedding venues in Essex, London, Suffolk and the rest of the UK.

During my experience as a Essex wedding videographer, I have seen some truly awe-inspiring wedding venues, and lavish receptions, but when it all comes down to it, it’s the people that make the memories. The special friends, family members and colleagues that celebrate your wedding day with you.

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Wedding Videographer in Essex

Documentary-style, Essex Wedding Videography

As Essex wedding videography is still becoming a normality for weddings, some guests may not be completely comfortable having a camera present. But rest assured, I will seamlessly blur into the crowds, capturing all of the emotional details with the upmost discretion. Around 90% of my shots are taken without the guest realising I’m there. The cameras that I use are very small – similar to those used by wedding photographers.

Essex Wedding Videographer - wedding videographer in Suffolk
Cinematic Wedding Videography in Essex

Cinematic Wedding Videographer in Essex

With a keen eye for detail and a discreet approach, I effortlessly blend with your wedding guests, ensuring that I capture the genuine emotions and candid moments of your big day. You can trust that there will be no awkward posing or forced smiles—just the authentic excitement, love, and happiness that unfolds naturally throughout your wedding.

The decision to choose a wedding videographer is an important one, and I take immense pride in being entrusted with the responsibility of preserving your precious memories. My passion for wedding videography drives me to craft each film with meticulous care, encapsulating the laughter, tears, and enchanting moments that define your unique love story.

Don’t let your once-in-a-lifetime moments slip away. Entrust your wedding memories to an Essex wedding videographer who understands the importance of being non-intrusive while creating a captivating, unforgettable cinematic experience. Reach out now to discover how we can work together to bring your love story to life and create a timeless treasure that you will cherish for years to come.

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Oli Cutmore
Wedding Videographer Essex

Hi, my name is Oli. I’ve been a wedding videographer Essex for the last 3 years shooting close to 100 weddings in that time. Producing smooth, cinematic wedding films that reflect my couples’ personalities, I’ll provide you with everlasting memories that you can cherish for years to come.

A wedding is your special day. Therefore it is my responsibility to ensure that I am not intrusive in any way. I want you and your partner to be comfortable with me around  and trust that I am doing everything that I can to create the most amazing wedding video for you. As well as creating romantic imagery as a couple, you’ll want to enjoy and cherish your big day as much as you can. 

You may be wondering, should I hire a wedding videographer in Essex?” Or maybe it’s me you’re not so sure about. You can find out more on the About Me page, and have a look at my previous wedding films.

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Essex Wedding Videographer
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Wedding Videographer Essex

The benefits of hiring a Essex wedding videographer

Luscious landscapes mixed with the glitz and glam of London, Essex really is the best of both worlds, and with the longest coast line of any county, there’s no shortage of heavenly views. 

If you’re looking at my website, chances are you’ve already secured one of the stunning wedding venues that Essex has to offer. Being a Essex wedding videographer has allowed me to visit a huge number of venues, and new locations that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.  Having been a Essex wedding videographer for some time now, I have attended the most fabulous wedding venues that the county has to offer. Venues such as Gosfield Hall, Braxted Park, Swynford Manor, Gaynes Park and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

should i hire a Essex wedding videographer?

Maybe I’m being biased but, yes! If your budget allows, I would always recommend couples to hire a wedding videographer. A lot goes on throughout a wedding day. Some of which you’re likely to miss. Being able to relive your special day through photos is one thing, but being able to see all of your beloved friends and family as the natural emotions, laughter and excitement of your wedding day unfold is something else entirely.

How much does a wedding videographer in Essex cost?

The cost of a wedding videographer in Essex can vary depending on a number of different factors. Personally, I charge a standard rate of £900 for my wedding video services. From this package you’ll receive four videos: the ceremony, the speeches, a short highlight film, plus a longer feature film. There are a number of optional extras to make your wedding video package extra personalised and special. These extras include bride and groom preparations, drone footage and much more.
For more details on my wedding video package, please visit my Pricing page.

Do I need a wedding videographer and photography?​

Hiring a wedding photographer is deemed more traditional and essential when it comes to planning a wedding. The fact that your images can be printed and displayed anywhere you’d like, constantly reminding you of the happiest day of your life, is pretty amazing.
Hiring a wedding videographer means that you can not only be reminded of your wedding day, but you can relive it. Watch all of the special moments unfold in front of you, as if you were a guest at your own wedding. Listen to each other say “I DO.” Watch your guests laugh, cry and cheer as they share stories about you and your partner. See all of the bits you missed, and the people you miss. See your family and friends celebrate your wedding day with you. 
Like photos, your wedding video can be uploaded digitally and shared with your friends and family at the click of a button. 

Do I need to hire a wedding videographer that has worked at my chosen venue before?

Basically, no. Whilst hiring a wedding videographer who is familiar with your venue may seem like the clear choice, it isn’t a necessity. Exploring new venues and travelling to different locations allows photographers and videographers to expand their creativity. That being said, hiring a Essex wedding videographer who is familiar with your particular venue can be no bad thing. It all comes down to what the wedding videographer produces and whether it matches your desired style and budget.

Should I hire a drone for my wedding in Essex?

If you’re looking for a truly cinematic wedding video, then you’ll want a drone. If you’re getting married at one of the many amazing wedding venues in Essex, then adding aerial footage to your Essex wedding video is the right way to go. A drone allows you to make the most of your wedding venue and the views that it offers. It can help tell the story of your special day whilst adding a touch of cinematic appeal. If you like to impress, or you’re looking for more of a movie-style wedding film, then it’s a must.

Drone Videographer in Essex

Whether you celebrate your day at a wedding venue in Essex, a hotel or a marque in a field, make sure it’s captured. Nothing starts a “magical love story” like an opening shot of one of the many stunning views across Essex. It’s all part of YOUR story! The place that you and your partner choose to spend the first day as a newly-wed couple. Get in touch to hire a drone videographer in Essex.

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